Tooth Colored Fillings

At Colden Dental Care, we use only the highest grade of tooth-colored filling material and upgrade as superior products become available. A properly placed tooth-colored filling will provide years of function and aesthetics!

Tooth-colored fillings are used to repair decayed, fractured or unaesthetic teeth.  After the tooth is prepared, the tooth-colored filling material is bonded (glued) to the tooth.  This requires the tooth to be dry and free of contamination in order to achieve a proper bond.  For this reason, a rubber dam is routinely used to provide the best isolation.  A rubber dam is a thin sheet of rubber.  A small hole is made in the rubber dam, which is then stretched over and around the tooth.  This provides a barrier between the mouth and the tooth, preventing moisture contamination.

Often times an amalgam (silver) filling will break down and need to be replaced.  In many cases, a tooth-colored filling will serve as the best treatment option.


We understand many individuals are concerned with mercury exposure during removal of amalgam (silver) fillings.  We limit this exposure by use of a rubber dam and high volume suction.

The rubber dam also serves the function of protecting the soft tissue from injury during dental procedures.  It also acts as a barrier to safeguard the patient from inhaling or swallowing foreign material.

Patient health and safety is our utmost concern!!

It is our goal to provide patient-centered comprehensive care with a personalized approach that addresses the unique needs of each patient.